Our Services

We offer the full array of services to help crew applications and fulfill client requisitions while working with local authorities and international Government agencies.

Professional Manning Services

Our goal is also to make sure our candidates are qualified for the role applied for and have the English skills and cultural awareness to succeed onboard.

  • Recruitment

    Our online crew portal not only captures the candidate information, documentation but it also provides them the opportunity to upload a short video where we can evaluate their English skills on the earliest stage on application process.

  • Pre-qualifying candidates

    Our recruiters have had shipboard experience and follow our strict recruiting guidelines. All qualified candidates will first have to pass a pre-screening interview with our recruitment staff where the English language and skill test will be evaluated. All candidates must have English conversational skills and experience in the job applied for to move forward into the gap pool of available candidates for final interview.

  • Recruiting procedures

    A background check on employment and criminal record will be reviewed. Once passed that stage, then the candidate will have to complete the online Marlin’s test if applicable and any other evaluation required by the cruise line in order to proceed for final interview with the appointed interviewer.

  • Pre-deployment

    Once hired we will ensure the new hire will schedule their safety training, medical and visa and make the appointed date to begin work onboard.

  • Review qualifications and compliance

    Our offices are audited yearly to ensure licensing and MLC certifications are up to date and ensuring quality and standardized operation procedures are followed.

  • STCW/BST Certification

    We are affiliated with state of the art STCW facilities ensure quality training as required by local authorities ensuring crew have proper safety training before being deployed.