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Company Description

CMI Leisure delivers customized hotel management services designed for the burgeoning expedition and niche segment cruise market. Much like the ships we serve, our business relies on charting less-traveled courses. We think beyond the trappings of convention to find innovative solutions that encompass provisioning, operations, personnel and logistics to meet the unique needs of your intrepid voyages.

We believe quality is non-negotiable and we insist on the highest service standards across the board. We also understand that your unique market demands the ability to adapt to changes and unforeseen challenges quickly and deftly. We know that your audience is different. Your crews are different. Your ships are different. Your needs are different.

We know because at CMI Leisure expedition cruising is our business. We’ve proven it with a long list of exceptional lines, and we believe we do it better than any other company in the business.

CMI Leisure provides turnkey management and concessions services to some of the most uniquely demanding cruise line and adventure travel companies in the world. They come to us because, like them, CMI Leisure goes far beyond the conventional. There is no tried-and-true formula or one-size-fits-all for these companies. Each one demands a unique perspective and highly customized operations plan to provide guests with an unforgettable travel experience. At CMI Leisure, we are proud to be a major part of that equation.

The ships served by CMI Leisure are anything but typical. They are intimate vessels built and uniquely outfitted to take a select group of adventurous travelers to the far corners of the world. At CMI Leisure, our crews, chefs, technical teams, engineering experts, logistics professionals and shore-side personnel ensure a cruise experience that’s every bit as phenomenal as the places these rare ships travel. At CMI Leisure, we understand that expedition cruisers expect more out of the experience. We’re proud to help deliver it aboard some of the world’s most extraordinary vessels.